Efficiency, environmental friendliness, and a stylish design

are just some of the most remarkable features of our new series of heaters.

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Why are the ThermoUp - Heaters the best choice

on the market regarding climate control?

- The operating principle of ThermoUp heaters
- What is Infrared long-wave radiation?
- What advantages does this kind of heater offer?
- Energy efficiency
- Comparison with other heaters


In contrast to conventional heaters, the ThermoUp establishes comfortable temperature conditions and retains the heat inside of the room for a long period of time. It heats the whole room evenly. The ThermoUp offers zone- and spot heating for smaller Rooms and areas.

ThermoUp stands for environmentally friendly heating. The glass radiators do not burn oxygen, and thus eliminate the feeling of air-dryness and prevent headaches, which are inevitable when using conventional heaters. Another advantage of our series: unpleasant smells and disturbing sounds are completely omitted.

ThermoUp represents a new generation of heaters, combining functionality and style. The smooth glass coating looks elegant in offices, restaurants, conference rooms, studios, as well as interiors of flats and houses. Due to a wide selection of LED-and housing colors, the ThermoUp-heaters fit into every room excellently.

The thermal radiation creates a mild and comfortable atmosphere, without heating the whole room, thus providing energy savings. You do not heat up the cold air, but yourself. There is no inexpedient heat distribution, lowering the energy and power consumption, so you do not have to expect operating losses. This form of heat transfer reduces the energy expenditure by 50-60%.

The ThermoUp glass plate is impact-resistant, due to its tempered glass and triplex-structure. It withstands abrupt temperature fluctuations, as well as mechanical attacks and loads.

The reliable control system enables effortless temperature control, paired with a remote for regulation from afar. A clear and user-friendly interface combined with an elaborate manual facilitates the operability even more. There are no parts of the ThermoUp-heaters that wear out or require constant replacement. All of our ThermoUp-heaters have a long service life.