Thermo Up's operating principle

The infrared heating system is quite different from traditional heating systems (boilers, radiators, classic convectors). The principle of long-wave infrared radiation is used in our heaters.


80% - infrared radiation, 20% - convection

That is, heat rays, similarly to the sun, heat only the surfaces that are in the field of their action (floor, interior items, the structure itself), which heat the air due to secondary heat transfer.

With traditional (convective) heating, the heated air constantly rises, therefore it is always colder near the floor than under the ceiling. The long-wave heater eliminates this disadvantage and, on the contrary, reduces the temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling and allows you not to heat up the volume above the person’s stay zone.

You do not need to warm up the air of the entire space of the room, as the oil heater does (30 minutes on average), burning oxygen during this time. After turning on our infrared heater, a comfortable temperature in the heating zone is reached within 5-7 minutes. No sound, no smell, no dry air. This form of heat transfer can significantly reduce the cost of electricity compared to other methods of heating. Savings of approximately 50-60%.



Long-wave infrared radiation is widely used in medicine, which speaks not only of its harmlessness, but also of its beneficial effects on the body. This is confirmed by the latest research in the field of biotechnology, as well as the constant use in modern medicine and cosmetology.In Russia, such a system was tested at the Burdenko Hospital, and after that a great review was received.


The radiating surface is made of tempered heat-strengthened glass and withstands sharp temperature fluctuations, as well as random mechanical effects and loads.

How it works?

1. We apply a special coating on the glass surface that conducts electrical current.


2. When electric current passes through the coating, the surface is heated.

3. The surface of the glass begins to emit long-wave infrared radiation.

4. Infrared rays heat all surfaces (floor, walls, ceiling), the human body and objects.

ThermoUp vs. other heaters

Energy efficiency

Advantages Of ThermoUp

ThermoUp creates comfort temperature conditions for all persons in the room quick-er than the heaters of other kinds and allows to sustain necessary heat for a long time. It uniformly warms the space thoro-ughly its whole volume. Large benefit is a possibility of zonal and spot heating of the required section.

ThermoUp is an ecologically clean heating which is environmental friendly. The glass heaters don't burn oxygen, which thereby withdraws feeling of air dryness and eliminates headaches arising when using the classical heaters. Our line has one more benefit, namely a total absence of bad smell and the trying sound during operation.

ThermoUp is a device of new generation, which combines both functionality and style. Smooth glass coating is very stylish and looks presentably within interior of the offices, restaurants, conference halls, artistic spaces as well as in different styles of home interior. Several regimes of glass light, and selection of possible body's color decisions enable well-fitting the Thermo Up heaters in interior of any area.  

The thermal radiation creates comfort sensation for human without increasing the temperature of air of whole space, thanks to this the power savings take place, you heat yourself, rather than cold air. There is no inefficient temperature distribution, heat expenditures and losses are decreased.  You saving ~ 50 -60 %

ThermoUp's glass panel has an increased shock resistance at the expense of hardened glasses and triplex structure that withstand sharp temperature fluctuations as well as accidental mechanical effects and loads. 

Reliable control system allows to simple and easy regulate the heater temperature, it is possible to operate with remote control unit. There are an understandable interface and detailed instructions for installation and operation. The innovative ThermoUp heaters have not any life-limited parts that require periodic replacement. Prolonged operating period.